We serve all customers whether they want to sell the property, buy, let it out, want renovation work, interior designing, and custom construction. If you want to sell or buy a commercial or residential property in Hyderabad, then get in touch with us. We make buying and selling as well as the renting process easier for you.
Yes, they do. One of the most important parts of what we do as property managers are building relationships. We build strong relationships with each of our clients, whether they are owners, tenants or investors offering them the best services and keep them updated on the process. We also run a few events for our long-term clients, thanking them for their ongoing support and are a part of our family.
We accept maintenance works like plumbing, white-washing, cleaning, renovation work like fixing grills, fixtures, etc. and interior designing as well. All the maintenance work is carried out by the workmen in our contacts.
We are not a legal house, but we do have legal partners. Just leave your name and number with us and we can let our legal partners call you. We can help with local or ground facilitation.
Transparency is one of the key pillars of our service and value proposition. When you become a client, you will receive a private account through which you can access a control panel where each detail regarding your investment project is regular updated so you know what is going on.
Our investment opportunities in real estate are an asset class that is not susceptible to digital risks. All transactions are secure through SSL encryption. We also take our customer's privacy seriously and do not share client data with external parties. Please see our privacy policy for more details about how we handle your data.
Property management involves overseeing and managing real estate. This extends to equipment, physical capital assets, tooling, maintenance costs, and various other services. Property managers manage the life cycle of properties and this all is a huge task. This requires constant communication with the team of workers and clients. So, we offer SMS services to provide you updates and schedule meetings.